February 25, 2021 Media

CBS Denver: Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette Heads Meeting On COVID Vaccine Distribution

DENVER (CBS4)– Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette chaired a meeting on Tuesday about COVID vaccine distribution. The Democrat representing the 1st Congressional District in the state met with representatives from five pharmaceuticals making the current vaccines.

Among the topics discussed is how information about the number of vaccines available is given to federal and state governments. The companies also shared how they have ramped up production in the U.S. by adding extra production capacity. That means tens of millions of more doses of the COVID vaccine could be available by the middle of March.

“While we continue to commend manufacturers efforts to develop the vaccines, some of the companies here today are still short of the number of doses they promised to initially deliver when they last testified before this subcommittee in July,” said DeGette.

The companies were also asked if there was anything the government could do to help with raw materials. The companies answered no to that question, at least right now.