March 16, 2020 Media

An update on COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Here’s a quick update on one of the many steps Diana and her House colleagues are taking to address this growing pandemic:

The Washington Post

BREAKING: “House passes coronavirus economic relief package with Trump’s support”

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act will address the economic well-being of our communities during this crisis. This bill will:

  • Provide free COVID-19 testing for all Americans, regardless of your health insurance provider;
  • Guarantee paid sick leave for workers affected by the coronavirus;
  • Guarantee paid family leave to care for loved ones who are impacted;
  • Ensure states have the financial resources to provide the unemployment benefits and food assistance necessary at this time; and
  • Prepare Medicaid programs for new enrollees as a result of unemployment.

The House is working on additional legislation as taking care of working families and the most vulnerable communities continues to be a top priority.

— Congresswoman DeGette HQ